Olive Oil

Trenton’s extra virgin olive oil is sweet and fruity, following the characteristics of the Dalmatian olive, green coloured and features superb qualities.

SPECIAL extra virgin olive oil is produced from local, hand-picked Dalmatian olives, processed through cold pressing, without the use of any solvents or heating process. The produced oil retains all the nutrients and vitamins, containing about 0,6% free fatty acids (FFA).


0,25 L
Article code: G10200
Ean code: 3859888906303
Glass bottle
0,25 L 12/1 pcs/box (1740 pcs/pallet)

0,75 L
Article code: G10100
Ean code: 3859888906105
Glass bottle
0,75 L 6/1 pcs/box (522 pcs/pallet)