Spreads and Pates

We are very proud of our spreads and pates, especially on the product bianco-style codfish, which is a specialty prepared according to traditional recipes of our grandmothers.

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Enhance the meat sauce with capers. Your meal will receive a delicate scent of the Mediterranean.

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Fish Products

The anchovy fillets and sardines that we use in production are caught in the Adriatic Sea. The entire range of our fish products is excellent for the preparation of salads and simple dishes.

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Olive Oil

Trenton's extra virgin olive oil is sweet and fruity, following the characteristics of the Dalmatian olive, green coloured and features superb qualities.

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Our product range offers a selection of interesting, unusual flavors – lemon, rosemary, thyme, lavender, to join the rest of more familiar flavours – acacia, chestnut and Dalmatian flower.

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The specific food of the Mediterranean diet are fish and olive oil.

In order to protect the Mediterranean diet, on November 16th 2010, UNESCO has decided to put it on a list of the non-material cultural heritage of mankind.

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