Mediterranean diet is a way of nutrition that is considered to be the healthiest one, especially for keeping our heart and blood vessels healthy. It has been preserved for centuries in the Mediterranean, with the most important ingredients being olives, olive oil, fish and fish products...

Do you know what is the positive effect of using olive oil in preparing meals?

  • Prevents heart and blood vessels diseases.
  • Improves the functioning of the stomach and pancreas.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Improves the appearance of skin and hair.
  • Helps with digestive problems.
  • Regulates blood pressure and sugar.
  • Helps with flu and colds.

In short, the future of our health lies in one olive oil spoon!

What is a perfect morning drink? Warm water with lemon and honey!

You must have heard from all sides that in the morning it's best to drink warm water mixed with lemon and honey (of course, on an empty stomach).
Here is how this simple drink helps us to keep our body healthy:

  • Improves the functioning of the digestive system and overcomes constipation.
  • Increases the energy level and enhances our mood.
  • It enhances the health of the oral cavity.
  • Improves weight loss.
  • Cleans lymph system.
  • Cleans urinary tract.

Some interesting facts about the olive...

  • The olive tree lives on average between 300 and 600 years.
  • Citizens of Crete spend most olive oil per capita and have the lowest mortality rate associated with heart disease and vascular system.
  • It is believed that the oldest olive tree is in Crete and is 2000 years old. However, some scientists say the tree is even 4000 years old.
  • It is believed that the oldest Croatian olive tree is from the Kaštel Štafilić, which is called Perišićeva mastrinka. It's estimated to be 1500-1700 years old and the tree is under the protection of the State Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage.
  • Olive is a fruit!